New Creation & the Two Wolves Analogy…

April 22, 2009

Besides being one of my new favorite bloggers, Michael F. Bird is an excellent scholar who has an amazing ability to churn out books despite how relatively young he is.  He has a post that is awesome here concerning the two-natures analogy of wolves, which he finds to be inconsistent with the New Creation that has happened in Christians through Christ Jesus.


Playing the Links

August 16, 2007

Here are some articles worth reading around the web:

Steve Cowan has an interesting discussion of “Government, Justice, and Romney” on his blog. John Mark Reynolds, of Scriptorium Daily, has a related post here (Cowan also has a link to this article).

Victor Reppert, author of C. S. Lewis’s Dangerous Idea (which I recently reviewed here), has some things to say about “Dawkins on C. S. Lewis and the trilemma” on his blog (must scroll down).

Johnny-Dee has a short post concerning the burden of proof in theism vs. atheism discussions (which generated a lot of discussion in the comments).

Please feel free to draw our attention to other worthwhile articles. Thanks!

Playing the Links

June 6, 2007

Here are a few posts around the blogosphere worth checking out:

Johnny-Dee has an interesting post titled “Can you have faith in something you know?”

Just in case you don’t already know, William Lane Craig’s new website is up. In addition to both scholarly and popular articles, there you can find his monthly newsletter and podcasts of some of his lectures.

Joseph Long of the Florida Student Philosophy Blog recently wrote on “Sam Harris’s Reasons for Belief Argument.”

Steve Cowan has a post assessing “Eskeptic on the Evolutionary Basis of Religion.”

Around the Web

April 20, 2007

Christian philosopher/apologist Paul Copan has joined this blog.

J.P. Moreland, another great Christian philosopher/apologist, recently joined this blog.

Finally, Christian scholar William Lane Craig’s new website is finally up.

Why WordPress is Superior to Blogspot

January 25, 2007

Because anyone can post comments on a WordPress blog! There are some really terrific philosophy blogs on which I cannot comment, because they are Blogspot and you have to be logged in with some username and password to comment on Blogspot blogs. Aarrgghh! So, Andrew & Becky at Flip-the-Pig (because I especially wish to comment on your terrific blog), please consider the transition! Or, let me know if there’s a way for me to comment of which I am unaware. Thanks!

Playing the Links

December 28, 2006

Here are a few recent posts worth checking out:

Victor Reppert has a post entitled “Dawkins on C. S. Lewis and the trilemma.” Go to his blog here, scroll down some, and check it out. At the end he has linked to a few relevant articles.

Though a bit dated, William Lane Craig has an article on God and the Beginning of Timeon his website. Be ready, it’s a bit demanding.

Paul Copan‘s review of The Impossibility of God, edited by Michael Martin and Ricki Monnier, may be read here.

Ross at Reason for the Hope Within has a brief post entitled Tolkien on Ethics. If you’re a LotR geek interested in ethics (like me), you’ll like it. Read the rest of this entry »

A Blog of Dialogue?

October 21, 2006

OK, I just found this blog, which may have some real potential. It appears to be run by two guys: one atheist and one theist. If you’re interested in observing how and what an atheist thinks of theism, check it out. BUT PLEASE (!!!!!), I BEG OF YOU (!!!!!): IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT,or IF YOUR INTEREST IS MERELY TO ARROGANTLY SPOUT OFF YOUR BELIEF WITH NO ARGUMENT, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE ATHEISTS! You will do more harm than good. Gosh, I know that sounds bad, but I could not be more sincere. I’ve seen it on too many blogs: Christians (even some who mean well) show up and “engage” the atheist. But it doesn’t take long to see that the Christian is way out of his/her league in such debates as the existence of God. If you think there’s even a chance that you aren’t very familiar with the arguments being discussed (e.g., ontological, teleological, moral, etc), please content yourself to read and learn, for now (which is how we all start).

At any rate, the blog appears to worth a visit. Enjoy!