Greg Boyd on why you should not buy the “Patriot’s Bible”

July 16, 2009

Below is a reproduced blog post of pastor/theologian Greg Boyd on the Patriot’s Bible-it is a creatively cogent and funny response to this dangerously idolatrous Bible which mixes American nationalism with Christianity.

The Patriot’s Bible — Really?

May 8th, 2009

Have you ever seen the Saturday Night Live skit entitled “Really? With Seth and Amy”? Sometimes it’s pretty funny. I was thinking that perhaps the best way to get through my critique of The American Patriot’s Bible (henceforth Patriot’s Bible) would be to give a “Really?” type report on it.

I want to preface my “report” by saying I am certain the commentators behind the Patriot’s Bible are well intentioned, godly scholars who believe they’re doing the Kingdom (and America) a great service. Despite their noble intentions, however, I believe this Bible is, frankly, idolatrous, dangerous and profoundly damaging to the Kingdom. I feel compelled to denounce it in the strongest possible way I can. The sarcasm that follows is intended for this purpose only.

Here’s some “really?” reflections, in no particular order.

* The Lord’s statement that Moses “is faithful in all My houses” (Num. 12:7) calls for a boxed quote from Grover Cleveland about how the teachings of Christ “results in the purest patriotism…”

Really? Oddly enough, Christians for the first three centuries of the church were persecuted for being unpatriotic. They wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the emperor or fight to defend the empire. Now Jesus becomes the champion of patriotism. Really? Does this hold true for Russians, North Koreans and Iranians, or just Americans? And how on earth did we leap from a verse about God’s “houses” to the topic of patriotism in the first place? Really?

* In 2 Corinthians 10:5 Paul notes that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are spiritual and mighty in God for the tearing down of strongholds. This inspires the Patriot’s Bible commentators to provide the reader with a historical note about Eisenhower signing into law the clause “one Nation under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance. Eisenhower is quoted as saying this clause would help “strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our countries most powerful resource in peace and war.”

Really? Do you really think Paul – who taught us to give our enemies food and water and to never retaliate (Rom. 12:14-21) – would approve of having his authority borrowed to buttress up America’s resources in war? Really? Doesn’t this verse explicitly say he’s not talking about earthly wars and that our weapons are not carnal? Oh, and by the way, the Patriot’s Bible leaves out “not carnal” in their commentary’s quote of this verse. Really? Read the rest of this entry »


Blogging Hiatus

November 12, 2007

As of tomorrow, your loving Summa Philosophites will be attending the Evangelical Theological Society/Evangelical Philosophical Society Conference.  Therefore, we will be absent from the blogosphere until Saturday or Sunday.  For more information on the conference go here.  Cheers!


July 2, 2007

Congrats to our very own Clint, who was married to the fetching Theresa Jordan this weekend. May God bless their marriage!

Why don’t you guys ever post non-technical stuff?

December 21, 2006

If only I had a dollar for every time… Well, the short answer is that we’re all students and/or professors at our respective graduate schools, which has the unfortunate side effects of (1) leaving us very little spare time to take on projects unrelated to school [most of what appears on the blog is condensed versions of school work] and (2) keeping us occupied mentally with said school work.
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New Contributor

December 5, 2006

It’s my privilege to welcome Nathan as the newest contributor to Summa Philosophiae. After completing his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University, Nathan earned a Th. M. at Dallas Theological Seminary and a Ph. D. in systematic theology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. In addition to systematics, Nathan is more than competent in historical and philosophical theology. He’s also a MAC user, which is how he got his gig with us.

Slow Posting

December 4, 2006

Obviously we haven’t done much posting lately, other than link to a few worthwhile reads. This will hopefully only last another ten days or so. With the semester winding down, we are frantically writing papers and preparing for final exams. So, keep checking the site because we’ll be back to full-time blogging soon!

New Look

July 6, 2006

Ta-dah!  We’ve changed our look here at Summa Philosophiae and gone from blogspot to wordpress.  Hope you like it.