Pope signs papal declaration for Roman Catholic Church to offer oversight to “entire [Anglican] congregations”


This is a massively significant move on behalf of the pope, especially for “Anglo-Catholics” in the new structures that have sprung up in response to the theological revisionism within the Episcopal Church, and other “progressive” Anglican bodies worldwide.  It will be interesting to see what happens…

Two excerpts from the article:

October 20, 2009, will go down in history as a turning point in Catholic-Anglican relations.

This new canonical structure will be open to all in the Anglican Communion (currently 77 million strong), including the Episcopal Church in the United States (approximately 2.2 million)

HT: StandFirm

Update:  USATODAY article-more info than the article above.

3 Responses to Pope signs papal declaration for Roman Catholic Church to offer oversight to “entire [Anglican] congregations”

  1. J.W. Wartick says:

    I’ve been following this rather closely. I wonder what implications there may be for the fact that they are allowing Anglican priests to remain married and priests if they become Roman Catholic.

    • Alfredo Watkins says:

      Hey JW. Most people don’t really consider that to be a big problem. When Anglican priests who are already married decide to enter full communion with the Catholic Church they are still allowed to keep their wives. It happens already. In fact, I know an example. Also, you should understand that in the Eastern Catholic Churches, married priests are commonplace. It’s just a matter of discipline. All the best.

  2. cartoonist says:

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