Quote of the Year!

August 24, 2009

If you want to be an authentic real person, put down your iPod and pick up your cross.

-Francis Beckwith

Excerpt taken from a CTToday article by Colin Hansen entitled “The Case for Christendom.”


Interesting Quote

August 20, 2009

Right listening is the beginning of right living.


Do you think this is true?  Why or why not?

Another blog of mine…

August 14, 2009

Here is a link to a new blog I am starting for a small-group that I will be leading in the community right around Wellspring Anglican Church (where I both work and live in Englewood, CO).  Check it out and share your thoughts!

Oregon Healthboard tells one woman “No” to chemotherapy drugs, but “Yes” to assisted suicide!

August 5, 2009