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Render to Caesar by Christopher Bryan-Ben Witherington said this was one of the best NT books of the past 10 years.

Christianity Beyond Belief by Todd Hunter-Todd has been influenced by N.T. Wright and realizes that Christianity is not about Sin and going to heaven. He is also great at making theology very practical for preaching! This is a good read for someone who has not read much of Wright.

The Lost History of Christianity by Philip Jenkins-Awesome book! This is a must read for any student of Christian History!!!


Atheist Delusions by David Bentley Hart-Just read the first chapter of this book. It is looking like this will be one of my top 10 books of the year!!!

Sacramental Life: Spiritual Formation Through the Book of Common Prayer by David A. deSilva-Have not begun this yet…but the intro made it sound really good. If it is anything like any of his other books, it should be pretty good!


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  1. […] by Don Bryant on July 8, 2009 Or so says a blogger affirming NT Wright’s views, as the blogger understands them. (And the phrase “as the […]

  2. Clinton says:

    Hi & thanks for the link! Perhaps I should have said that Xty is not ALL about sin and going to heaven after you die, which is the message you get from many evangelical pulpits. I actually have a very high view of the nature of depravity and sin-the entire reason we are baptized is for the forgiveness of sins and the newness of life (Mk. 1:4). However, if we always start our story of the gospel out with sin, then we leave Gen 1 & 2 out of the Xtian story (and this is what I think Wright is trying to say). God’s intention for creating was no to save us from sin but to create a kingdom community (among other things-don’t want to reduce the God’s intention to this alone!). That is the context in which the doctrine of sin should be viewed. One can hold to both a very pervasive view of sin/depravity as well as a high kingdom theology/narrative. They are not mutually exclusive, rather they are complementary and necessary for correctly explicating the Xtian story. And from all of my reading Wright( I have read nearly all of Wright’s stuff) holds unequivocally to a pervasive view of sin. So, again, the wedge here seems to be posited by people such as yourself-Wright certainly doesn’t separate them or elevate one over the other.

    What I meant about Heaven is that (in agreement with Wright here) the bible does not end with “saved people” or Judgment Day, but a new heavens and new earth united in a “holy city” (a.k.a. the “New Jeruslame”).

  3. Clinton says:

    And to clarify-I don’t think that our baptism actually saves us-one might easily misunderstand that the way that it is worded.

    • Elmira says:

      Thank you for posting this! I was just googling for a GF version after reading the latest post on the Orangette blog. It’s funny how you go GF and suddenly realize it’s been years since you had song8hime&#t211; like waffles! I can’t wait to make these this weekend.

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