Ben Witherington critiques Bart Ehrman

This is probably the best critique of Erhman in a blog post that I have ever come across!  Thanks Dr. Witherington!!!


4 Responses to Ben Witherington critiques Bart Ehrman

  1. Steve Duby says:

    Clint, have you seen the facebook rendition of the holy week where Bart Ehrman makes multiple appearances? I definitely don’t want to make light of what happened during holy week, but the Ehrman stuff is hilarious.


  2. Clinton says:

    Yeah, that was REALLY funny!

  3. Clinton says:

    You also need to go to Ben Witherington’s blog and watch the video of Stephen Colbert interviewing Bart Ehrman. It is HILARIOUS!!!

  4. Steve Duby says:

    Colbert was on a roll!

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