Following a debate…

My friend, Tony Lombardo, recently read Why I Became An Atheist and has been reviewing it on his blog in a multi-post fashion.  On Tony’s second post/treatment of the book, the author, John Loftus himself, began to engage him in dialogue.  The exchange started this morning and perhaps will continue to grow…if you go here and participate. Loftus was a student of William Lane Craig, the noted Evangelical apologist and philosopher, but eventually catapulted his faith for reasons outlined in his book.  From what I understand (though I have not read his material), Loftus is both fair and informed concerning the arguments for and against Xty and is willing to dialogue in a way that is truly dialogical.  Atheists and Christians alike can learn from such a posture!


2 Responses to Following a debate…

  1. Thank you, but I’m not beyond berating my opponents on both sides of the fence.

  2. Clinton says:

    Well, good. I suppose berating isn’t bad, if by that you mean being critical of poor/bad arguments in an intellectually and honest way. I presume what you don’t mean by berate is to engage in ad hominems and things of that sort…

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