December 21, 2008

I stumbled across the “Atheism is Dead” blog today and was impressed with the resources they have pulled together from different speakers, scholars, arguments, debates, etc. You will have to search around under the archives and the posts, but they reference some really excellent material. If you are at all interested in tracking the debate surrounding Atheism (for or against it-though the site is anti-atheism) check out this website.

Update:  Mariano, a blogger for Atheism is Dead, wrote to me and provided some stats of what the blog contains.  He wrote, “thus far the lists consists of 5 pages of video, 5 pages of articles/essays/posts, 10 pages of audio, 8 pages of books, 9 pages of partially relevant content, and one and a half pages of specialized content…The project consists of lists of hyperlinks to:
Websites/blogs that specialize in countering atheism.
Websites/blogs that have partial relevant content.
Particular essays, article, posts.
Audio, video and books.”