Areopagus Journal

June 23, 2008

Areopagus Journal is published bimonthly by the Apologetics Resource Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping Christians with a culturally relevant apologetic, enabling them to have a deeper level of personal faith, contend for that faith, and to enter arenas of resistance and reclaim ground lost to skepticism, secularism, and other alien philosophies. A one-year, bi-monthly subscription to Areopagus Journal is $30 (Canadian $35). All contributions to the Apologetics Resource Center are tax deductible.

This is a great apologetic resource! Pictured above is the Jan.-Feb. 2008 issue, titled “The History of Apologetics.” In addition to books reviews, this issue contains the following contributions:
“Veritas: The History of Apologetics” by Craig Branch
“Apologetics in the Ancient Church” by B. Dwain Waldrep, PhD
“Augustine: Christian Champion of the First Millennium” by Kenneth D. Boa, D.Phil. and Robert M. Bowman, Jr.
“Silencing the Fool: The Apologetic Contribution of Anselm” by Steven B. Cowan, PhD
“The Apologetics of Thomas Aquinas” by Norman L. Geisler, PhD
“Blaise Pascal: An Apologist You Should Know” by Douglas Groothuis, PhD
“The Counter Attack: The Response to the Enlightenment by Edwards, Warfield & Paley” by Brandon Robbins
“Four 20th-Century Apologists: E.J. Carnell, Cornelius Van Til, Gordon Clark, Norman Geisler” by Rick Wade