How Should We Then Live…

Last night at my church (Wellspring Anglican Church), we began a 10-week video series based on Schaeffer’s book How Should We Then Live. This is geared towards equipping the Saints (Eph 4) to think about the history of Western Civilization through the framework of the Christian worldview. This group is led by Dr. Douglas Groothuis, professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary, who is not only an incredibly gifted speaker and teacher, but embodies the very ethos that Schaeffer modeled and tried to perpetuate in others. To learn more about this group go here . To learn more about Wellspring Anglican Church go here.

Our first meeting went really well. There were great questions, dialogue and fellowship. Dr. Groothuis has created a blog to facilitate further discussion for those in the group which can be found at If you are in the Denver area please consider stopping by and engaging with us in this learning opportunity. You certainly do not have to be a Christian to come! Indeed, different perspectives would only enrich the conversation! You can find the church address at Wellspring’s website above.

One Response to How Should We Then Live…

  1. Luci says:

    You are being generally fair about people who wish to comment on things during the discussion portion of the film series, but could you speak privately to Steven about hogging the time? Maybe you ask him to confine his comments to one a night??? It’s embarrasing that he always takes the time away from others who may wish to make comments or ask questions.

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