Is Oprah a Cult Leader?

April 26, 2008

See here for an article entitled Is Oprah Starting Her Own Cult written by Roger Friedman of Fox News.  Keep in mind the obvious slant of Fox News.  Overall, the article is really interesting and hits on some significant points.



Online reviews of “Expelled: The Movie”

April 22, 2008

Generally Positive Reviews:

Douglas Groothuis (a.k.a. The Constructive Curmudgeon) has a good review here.

Dave Berg over at StandFirm.

Generally Negative Reviews:

See here for a review by John Serba of The Grand Rapids Press.

And here for the NYTimes review.

Blogalogue between N.T. Wright and Bart Ehrman on Pain, Evil & God

April 20, 2008

See here.

Tradition & Scripture: How Tradition Can Contribute to Evangelical Alchemy

April 18, 2008

There can be no doubt among Protestants and Roman Catholics alike that the discussions surrounding the issues of Scripture and Tradition (and/or [t]radition depending on definition of terms) have been historically marked by virulent criticism, often accentuating and perpetuating poor arguments and thereby creating more heat than light. One such argument is that which seeks to pit Tradition against or over Scripture and vice-versa. Protestant detractors often make comments such as, “You are all about the traditions of men whereas we stand firm only on the Holy Word of God.” Yet “it may come as a surprise to some readers that for most of church history Scripture and tradition were perceived as generally compatible with each other.” Read the rest of this entry »

Congratulations, Xavier!

April 16, 2008

Congratulations to Summa Philosophiae’s own Xavier, whose exceptional work has earned him a place in the PhD program in philosophy at the University of Dallas. Way to go!

One man’s report on the Ehrman vs. Wallace debate

April 14, 2008

April 4-5, 2008, saw the annual Greer-Heard lectureship at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. This year featured a debate between Dan Wallace and Bart Ehrman on the textual reliability of the New Testament. Here is a link to one man’s summary and reaction to the debate.

Evangelicals & Mormons…Together?

April 12, 2008

I had a great opportunity today to sit through a lecture on Grace & Works From a Contemporary Latter-Day Saint Perspective taught by LDS scholar Dr. Camille Fronk Olson, professor of Ancient Scripture in the Religious Studies department of Brigham Young University. For those who don’t know, there has been an exciting dialogue emerging in the last 10-15 years between Evangelicals and Mormons. A significant contribution to this dialogue has been the book entited How Wide The Divide: A Mormon and an Evangelical in Dialogue, which was written by none other than one of my own professors at Denver Seminary, Dr. Craig Blomberg.

The lecture itself was attended by about thirty people. Dr. Olson’s articulate lecture and obvious knowledge coupled with her passion for the subject made for an enjoyable and informative discussion. However, I must say that her slant on grace was not exactly what I expected to hear. This speaks more of my own presuppositions and misconceptions than it does of her lecture. Read the rest of this entry »