Peter Kreeft debate this Friday in Boulder, CO.

Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, will be debating Dr. David Boonin of U. of Colorado at Boulder. The question of debate will be “Is Abortion Morally Justifiable?” The debate will be at The University of Colorado at Boulder on January 18 at Humanities Room 1B50 at 7:00 PM. I plan on attending if possible!

HT: Constructive Curmudgeon 


2 Responses to Peter Kreeft debate this Friday in Boulder, CO.

  1. Clinton says:

    Update: Me and some of my friends went to see this debate and we had to leave because we were in the overflow room which was standing room only! Moreover, people were filing around the hallways off of the overflow room and could barely even hear the audio (this is where we ended up and). I am encouraged, though, by the interest in this important issue. We live in an ironic age of tension between great intellectual accessibility and extreme intellectual privation in popular culture. So when an event like this comes along…people jump!

  2. Kassie says:

    محمد آغا قال:يا شباب انا من غزة بس Ø™­ÂÂÄتاديث ما وصلني ، وحملت برنامج kies ومش عارف احدث منه ، ! ساعدوني رجاءاً , ,

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