Great Deal on Philosophia Christi

Philosophia Christi, the bi-annual publication of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, is currently offering an incredible deal on subscriptions: first-time subscribers can receive the current issue as well astwo additional years (i.e., 4 more issues) for merely $30! This is a savings of $50. You can check out the back issues here. I’m not sure how long this offer will be available, so take advantage while you can.


2 Responses to Great Deal on Philosophia Christi

  1. Pat Flynn says:

    I heard about Philosophia Christi on the Greg Koukl show. I want to subscribe. Please reply.
    Pat Flynn

  2. Keith says:


    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Philosophia Christi is certainly worth subscribing to. It is published by the Evangelical Philosophical Society (see link in original post or on the top right of this page). You’ll have to visit their website for ordering info, as we here at Summa Philosophiae are not employed by them. You may also check out the bi-monthly apologetics publication, the Areopagus Journal.

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