Introductory Lectures on _Being and Time_

These are extremely basic and overviewish, but will be helpful to someone with little or no clue concerning Heidegger’s Being and Time. Here is the link.


5 Responses to Introductory Lectures on _Being and Time_

  1. Daniel says:

    Unfortunately but realistically, the vast majority of Christians haven’t had the opportunity like you have had to study philosophy like Heidegger. So for those of us with “little or no clue” about Being and Time this “extremely basic and overviewish” material can be quite helpful and new.

    Watch out for arrogancy Keith, it came off as more than a little thick in this post.

  2. J Cassel Miller says:


    Whatever happened to the principle of charitable interpretation? How do we know that Keith was not placing himself in the category of not having that much knowledge of Heidegger’s views on being and time?

  3. Xavier says:

    Dan, I think you’re reading waaaayyyy too much into Keith’s one sentence. Two things:
    1. The link really does provide material that is quite basic. I think Keith wanted to make that clear since there are students of philosophy that peruse this blog.

    2. From my conversations with Keith, I think he would happily include himself those with “little or no clue” of what Heidegger is saying. In fact I’m beggining to have serious doubts as to whether anybody really understand’s Heidegger (myself included) 🙂

  4. Daniel says:

    I can only “interpret” the blog posting from what I saw. And that’s what I saw. I trust you both are right, but it’s a two-way street and I stand by my initial comment.

  5. Keith says:

    Hi guys, I surely didn’t expect anything like this when I posted the link! Ha! I *certainly* didn’t intend anything like arrogance. Frankly, upon re-reading, my post just doesn’t seem vulnerable to such a charge anyway.

    Josh: Good question. What *did* ever happen to the principle of charitable reading? Incidentally, I DO consider myself (despite having had a seminar dedicated to _Being and Time) among those with “no clue concerning” the book!

    Xavier: Right, as usual. Thanks!

    Daniel: Obviously, I unintentionally struch some chord with you! What makes you think I had strictly Christians in mind (or had them in mind at all)? To tell the truth, I had in mind other philosophy students who find themselves in the same boat as me. Moreover, you concede that there exists a group Beta: those who have little or no clue about _Being and Time_. There doesn’t seem to be anything whatever inherently wrong with/bad about belonging to Beta (in fact, I myself do). So, no problems thus far.

    Do you agree that thoes belonging to Beta need help understanding _Being and Time_? I needed help. In fact, I used the linked lectures a lot to study for my final exam. My suspecion is that others may do so as well (which has already been confirmed by someone who told me the linked lectures helped them gain a basic overview of the book). So, surely you’re not upset that I sought to help?

    Perhaps you fear I’ve offended Prof. Cavalier by calling his notes “extremely basic and overviewish.” Two things: (1) When I emailed him to express my thanks several days ago, he didn’t object to my using such descriptions, and (2) a simple reading of them will reveal how basic and overviewish (i.e., seeking to provide merely an overview) they really are!

    In the end, I totally agree with you that “for those of us with ‘little or no clue”’ about Being and Time this ‘extremely basic and overviewish’ material can be quite helpful and new.” That’s pretty much why I posted the link. Yes, you’re absolutely wecome to your opinion; you are free to stand by your initial comment. But I assure you it is way off base. But, if you too belong to Beta, check out those lectures–they’re super heplful!

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