A Sweet Opportunity

Clint and I were able, thanks to generous donors, to attend the Evangelical Philosophical Society’s national conference in San Diego, CA, last week. It was terrific, but that’s not the sweet opportunity I here refer to. Rather, we had the opportunity to meet University of San Diego philosopher Kevin Timpe. For a nicer guy one will search in vain.
Here’s a picture of us (from left: Keith, Kevin, Clint)


5 Responses to A Sweet Opportunity

  1. Xavier says:

    Alas, I wish I were there. Kevin seems like a great guy and a stout thinker. Plus, as far as I can tell, he inclines to Thomism which covers a multitude of sins.

  2. Keith says:

    You missed a great visit with Kevin and then a really good conference. I saw Ben and we talked about you.

  3. KT says:

    Keith and Clint,

    It was my pleasure to get to meet the two of you in person. I like the picture, and will probably link to it from the Timpest.


    You’ve just given me another reason to be inclined towards Thomism, for I have a multitude of sins to cover! 🙂 And I don’t know if I’m a stout thinker, but I do like to think about stout!

  4. Clinton says:

    Kevin, a gentleman and a scholar! Need I say more?

  5. Hi Keith. I wish I would have known you were there. We could’ve chatted. I had a wonderful time.


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