Media Hypocrisy

Check out J. P. Moreland’s terrific post here.


One Response to Media Hypocrisy

  1. Daniel says:

    Along with hypocrisy, I think bias might be a better word to use for the American media. There’s no question that America’s mediums are run and infiltrated by the secular-progressive agenda. And I don’t even have a problem with networks like MSNBC or CNN promoting their agenda! What I take issue with is that they assume that the other side of the coin is irrelevant. There is no dialogue, debate, or even informal discussion. If any media network wants to promote a certain agenda then they should advertise that what they show is all right wing or all left wing or all secular or all religious stories. But there shouldn’t be a network that tries to call itself objective or unbiased yet behind the curtain there is an obvious bias. That’s hypocrisy.

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