Faith & Philosophy Journal

To anyone who has the January 2007 issue of F&P: would you please list the article titles and their authors? I suspect my issue arrived at our old address in Dallas, TX, sometime after we moved. I’m trying to determine whether I’m interested in trying to get another copy sent out or not. Thanks!


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  1. Kevin Timpe says:

    Kate Rogers, “Anselmiam Eternalism: The Presence of a Timeless God”

    Dale Tuggy, “Three Roads to Open Theism”

    Tom Senor, “The Compositional Account of the Incarnation”

    Elliot Sober, “Intelligent-Design Theory and the Supernatural: The ‘God or Extra-Terrestrials’ Reply”

    Andrew Graham and Stephen Maitzen, “CORNEA and Closure”

    Stephen Wykstra, “CORNEA, Carnap, and Closure: Closure Befuddlement”

  2. Keith says:

    Thank you, Kevin. Sounds like a great issue (esp. Rogers’ article).

  3. Kevin Timpe says:

    You’re quite welcome. Kate’s paper, like the rest of her work, is well worth the read (she has a forthcoming book on Anselm that brings a lot of her work together and is really quite good). Senor’s article on the incarnation is also quite good. I’d definitely try and get your copy of it.

  4. Xavier says:

    Rogers is a pretty good Anselmian scholar. I take some issue though with the way she concieves divine eternity…not that you guys asked or anything.

  5. Keith! Stephen Denton here. Did you ever finish that Univ. of Dallas (I think it was) “hard” degree? How you been? The wife & I are loving Colorado, BTW. Anyway, I’m sure this space is reserved for witty banter, so I’ll keep it short. Hope all is well.

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