ETS membership requirements

I was reading in the recent edition of the Denver Seminary magazine and I came across this interesting point made by Dr. Craig Blomberg. He wrote:

It has always intrigued me that, while the largely American ETS in recent years has added a Trinitarian clause to its affirmation of inerrancy in its doctrinal statement of faith, it still has no formal requirement of faith in Jesus for membership (unlike its British-based counterpart, the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research). It has a process in place, which it has used, for demanding otherwise godly members to resign because they believe in some minor errors in Bible history but no mechanism for dismissing a member who openly lives in sin and flaunts his freedom to do so!

There has been much discussion the past few years concerning ETS membership requirements due to the Open Theism debate and the departure of Frank Beckwith from the society. What are your thoughts as to what the requirements should be?

To see the ETS membership application go here .  This shows exactly what a member must affirm to be a member.  To see the ETS Constitution go here.


2 Responses to ETS membership requirements

  1. I guess I’m confused as to why the ETS asks its applicants for things like the degrees they have earned and publications they have done. I would think (as a student who is nevertheless aspiring to these things) that it just seems like a way to flaunt your resume, not a way to become a member of an intellectual society where the readership is on common ground anyway.

    Further, their Doctrinal Basis rings of a creed. I don’t have a problem with them creating a new or special creed for their institution. I’m just asking the question of why do they feel the need to not use the National Association of Evangelicals statement of fatih? Why reinvent the wheel?

    All that being said, I would someday like to subscribe to the ETS, sans including my curriculum vitae in my application.

  2. Apparently the “constructive curmudgeon” is having an effect on me 🙂

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