Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

An organization called  Hagar Cambodia is doing a great job to help women who have been victims of trafficking, abuse, or rape in Cambodia.  The atrocities and sin that abound in such stories are truly shocking.  Over at the God’s politics blog, Elise Elzinga tells of her own encounter with this oppressive and wicked system:

The perpetrators are shamelessly bold, as I experienced one day while using a hotel gym. After making polite conversation with the middle-aged white man on the next treadmill, I found myself in complete shock when he told me, “I come to Cambodia for the girls. They’re good for one thing only.”

What on earth can I as a middle-class seminary student do to make a difference in this sort of problem?  Of course prayer is one way to make a difference. Have you ever encountered Christians working in such ministries?  Maybe it would be helpful for us to support such ministries and go to our local steakhouse one less time a month.  Would we be willing to sacrifice this?  Do we even know what sacrifice is when we have internal struggle over giving up eternally insignificant things to help oppressed souls?


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