Amazing Grace: a movie about William Wilberforce

To see the trailer for this movie about the work of William Wilberforce to end slavery in his country, go here. This movie looks really good. Please comment if you see it and have any critiques or adulations. I believe it comes out in theatres on the 23rd of this month.


One Response to Amazing Grace: a movie about William Wilberforce

  1. Leslie says:

    Clint–thanks for the post. I just got back from a convention where they had a screening of the movie, and yes, it is excellent! Very compelling and well-done. Albert Finney’s rendition of John Newton is as they are saying—”Oscar worthy”.

    I always appreciate when historical figures are depicted with all their strengths AND weaknesses (e.g. Wilberforce’s addiction to laudanum and subsequent self-detoxification). Amazing Grace accurately portrays its subjects with this sort of “realness”, which makes it that much more compelling when you finally see the slave trade abolished, and all their harships and efforts are finally worth it.

    I found myself wishing that it went into a bit more detail of how the Clapham group gathered their research, etc., and a bit more about their individual lives. However, overall, it was an excellent flick. I would recommend seeing it!

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