Farewell, Bruce Metzger

Keith informed me earlier today of the recent passing of the Princeton New Testament scholar Bruce Metzger.  Those of us who have gone through the rigors of learning New Testament greek have some fond memories of reading Metzger (I say “fond memories”, but that is only for those who liked Greek.  For the rest, it was sheer horror).  I still use my UBS 4 Greek text which he edited.  It’s covered with duct tape but it still works.  Metzger was also involved in editing the NA27 critical text which came with a more exhaustive text-critical aparatus. 

I say “New Testament scholar”, but Bruce Metzger is also noted for his work on the the Apocrypha, the Old Testament, the RSV translation and several commentaries.  He has written classics such as his Text of the New Testament as well as his more obscure Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek. 

The man was a true scholar.  Farewell my friend.


One Response to Farewell, Bruce Metzger

  1. Ben says:

    Props to Bruce.

    This is unrelated…. I’ve moved to using Google Reader to view my blogs, but for your RSS feed only the first few lines of your blog entries pull up in my reader. Would y’all mind adjusting that to post the full entries. I know I’m lazy.

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