Christians and the Future: The Bible and Pre-Millenialism



Schedule and Speakers
Friday Evening February 9

5:00-6:00pm Registration/Reception
6:00-6:15pm Welcome
6:15-9:30pm Sources
6:15-7:15pm Craig Blomberg, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of New Testament, The Posttribulationism of the New Testament
7:15-8:15pm Hélène Dallaire, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Old Testament, Judaism and the World to Come
8:15-8:30pm Break
8:30-9:30pm Richard S. Hess, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, The Future Written in the Past: The Old Testament and the Millennium

Saturday Morning February 10

8:30-9:00am Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:15am Introduction
9:15-1:00pm Directions
9:15-10:15am Don Payne, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology and Ministry, The Theological Method of Premillennialism
10:15-11:15am Sung Wook Chung, D.Phil., Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Toward the Reformed and Covenantal Theology of Premillennialism: A Proposal
11:15-11:30am Break
11:30-12:30pm Oscar Campos, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies, Seminario Teológico Centroamericano, Guatemala, Premillennial Tensions and Holistic Missiology: Latin American Evangelicalism
12:30-2:00pm Lunch (provided)
1:15-2:00pm Panel Discussion

Please Contact Luanna Traubert at Denver Seminary for Registration Information or Register Online.

Registration Costs

$40 Before February 5, 2007
$25 Students
$25 Groups of 10 or more (per person)
$50 After February 5, 2007


One Response to Christians and the Future: The Bible and Pre-Millenialism

  1. Clint says:

    This was a great conference. Call the seminary…they may have recordings if you would like to listen to them (I think that a book will result from the conference…they normally publish the papers).

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