Distinguishing Synthetic and Analytic Truths

If you’re like me and sometimes have trouble distinguishing synthetic propositions from analytic ones then maybe this submission from a philosophy student’s paper will help.  I quote:

“All husbands have heads” is synthetic and “all wives are are married” is analytic.  We never see a husband without a head.  However it is possible for us to imagine a husband with no head.  He may be being kept alive by a system of tubes and motors and was able to marry.  This man would still be a man like any other, but headless.

See, now that clears everything up well doesn’t it?

From here.


5 Responses to Distinguishing Synthetic and Analytic Truths

  1. Yeah Xavier, clear as mud.

    By the wy, i have updated your profile on MF, and you are ready to go. Look forward to reading your stuff when you have time to post.

    take care,


  2. Xavier says:

    Thanks Derek, I haven’t gotten to the new blog yet. Still getting used to a new semester of classes but I’ll find my rhythm soon.

  3. dtrain says:

    Awesome man; thanks again for participating!

  4. Susan says:

    Thanks Xavier, for this occasion for a hearty laugh! Oh my!

  5. Dollar says:

    Oh no, I have been discovered. I am the “imagined headless man who wants to get married.”

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