Are You Wise?

In his quest for the science of wisdom, Aristotle purposes to catalogue wisdom by identifying the characteristics of a wise man. In the Metaphysics, book 1, ch. 2, he identifies several (either five or six, depending on your reading) such characteristics:

(1) a wise man knows everything in its generality
(2) a wise man knows things it is difficult for a human to know
(3) a wise man has accurate, precise knowledge
(4) a wise man is able to teach the causes of things
(5) a wise man seeks wisdom for its own sake, not for the sake of some other science
(6) wisdom orders the other sciences, thus the wise man can do so, as well

My guess is that if you haven’t read a little Aristotle, then these don’t make much sense; they certainly didn’t mean much to me before I read the primary source. I say this not in a tone of condescension, but rather with a tone of encouragement! Go! See what Aristotle says, and determine whether he was correct or not.

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