Distinguishing Synthetic and Analytic Truths

January 29, 2007

If you’re like me and sometimes have trouble distinguishing synthetic propositions from analytic ones then maybe this submission from a philosophy student’s paper will help.  I quote:

“All husbands have heads” is synthetic and “all wives are are married” is analytic.  We never see a husband without a head.  However it is possible for us to imagine a husband with no head.  He may be being kept alive by a system of tubes and motors and was able to marry.  This man would still be a man like any other, but headless.

See, now that clears everything up well doesn’t it?

From here.


War! What is it good for? Absolutely…

January 27, 2007

Admittedly, I do not keep up with the War in Iraq as many people do. With that said, I have a few questions* that I would like to bounce off of anyone willing to engage them.

1) Is the War in Iraq justified? What criterion are we to use (just war, etc.)?

2) What is it that we are fighting for?

3) Are our efforts really worth it?

I ask these questions because I heard someone raise a very thought-provoking point the other day. Generally, it seems that one reason we are fighting is to protect the present and future state of our nation (there are other reasons left unsaid). But is what we have worth fighting for from a Kingdom of God perspective? Has the American Dream eclipsed our Kingdom mission? While I enjoy having the things that I am privy to as an American, are we promised them? Are they necessary? Are they worth fighting for?

*These questions by nature are over-simpifying. There are many other relevant issues to which we do not have access.

Why WordPress is Superior to Blogspot

January 25, 2007

Because anyone can post comments on a WordPress blog! There are some really terrific philosophy blogs on which I cannot comment, because they are Blogspot and you have to be logged in with some username and password to comment on Blogspot blogs. Aarrgghh! So, Andrew & Becky at Flip-the-Pig (because I especially wish to comment on your terrific blog), please consider the transition! Or, let me know if there’s a way for me to comment of which I am unaware. Thanks!

More On Why Wikipedia Cannot Be Trusted

January 23, 2007

See here and here at the (terrific) Uncommon Descent blog.

Sidenote: It’s happened again: I was grading a paper last night in which the student cited Wikipedia as a scholarly source. Unbelievable.

Attention Parents

January 22, 2007

Assembly Woman Sally Lieber (D-California) is sponsoring a bill to ban the spanking of children in California. As I understand it, violators would be guilty of a misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a year a prison and a hefty fine. During the piece on the morning news today (in which she was not the only interviewee), the word “hitting” was frequently used in place of “spanking,” which I thought was a nice use of loaded language. What do you make of this? Does Scripture speak on this issue? If so, how?

I wonder if these people have children of their own…

Calvinist Cartoon…

January 17, 2007


Good Advice

January 16, 2007

“We should love both: those whose opinion we follow and those whose opinion we reject.  For both have applied themselves to the quest for truth and both have helped us in it.”

Thomas Aquinas