Playing the Links

Here are a few recent posts worth checking out:

Victor Reppert has a post entitled “Dawkins on C. S. Lewis and the trilemma.” Go to his blog here, scroll down some, and check it out. At the end he has linked to a few relevant articles.

Though a bit dated, William Lane Craig has an article on God and the Beginning of Timeon his website. Be ready, it’s a bit demanding.

Paul Copan‘s review of The Impossibility of God, edited by Michael Martin and Ricki Monnier, may be read here.

Ross at Reason for the Hope Within has a brief post entitled Tolkien on Ethics. If you’re a LotR geek interested in ethics (like me), you’ll like it.

Also, here are a few older posts from right here at Summa Philosophiae.

Xavier wrote on Aseity and Abstract Objects.

Xavier discussed Hick on Religious Pluralism.

Keith has a two part look at J. P. Moreland’s substance dualism solution to the mind/body problem. Here is Part One, and here is Part Two.

Speaking of J. P. Moreland, Keith has a review of his Love Your God with all Your Mind.

One Response to Playing the Links

  1. Frank Walton says:

    K. Scott Oliphint wrote an awesome review of THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF GOD here:

    Happy New Year.


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