Why don’t you guys ever post non-technical stuff?

If only I had a dollar for every time… Well, the short answer is that we’re all students and/or professors at our respective graduate schools, which has the unfortunate side effects of (1) leaving us very little spare time to take on projects unrelated to school [most of what appears on the blog is condensed versions of school work] and (2) keeping us occupied mentally with said school work.

But, these are not good reasons to neglect our lay readers, who we deeply appreciate and value. So, thanks for insisting that we post some non-technical stuff. My plan is to post a series of such essays in the coming months, beginning with the so-called Historical Jesus studies. These will be very basic, requiring very little background knowledge (stuff you’ve hopefully learned already in church).

Perhaps you can help: What are some topics you’d like to see a non-technical treatment of? What would be helpful to you? [You can always log on anonymously and answer if you don’t want people to know who you are]


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