Lewis Book Meme

The Metaphysical Pluralist tagged me a while back on a C.S. Lewis book meme so I thought I’d give my response here:

1.  What was the first book by Lewis that you ever read?

The Screwtape Letters (a loooooonnnnnng time ago).

2.  What is your favorite book by Lewis?

Pilgrim’s Regress 

3.  How many books by Lewis have you read?

Counting the Narnia Series as ‘1’, i’d say about 4. 

4.  What books are they?

The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, Pilgrim’s Regress, The Chronicles of Narnia

5.  If C.S. Lewis got in a fight with Francis Schaeffer, who would win?

Lewis.  Because unlike Schaeffer, he had Aquinas right. 

6.  What books on Lewis have you read?


7.  What made Lewis great?

His writing of course.


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