New Contributor

It’s my privilege to welcome Nathan as the newest contributor to Summa Philosophiae. After completing his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University, Nathan earned a Th. M. at Dallas Theological Seminary and a Ph. D. in systematic theology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. In addition to systematics, Nathan is more than competent in historical and philosophical theology. He’s also a MAC user, which is how he got his gig with us.


2 Responses to New Contributor

  1. Clint says:


    Welcome my friend! I really enjoyed grabbing dinner with you at ETS. Hopefully we will get the chance to fellowship again. By the way, when we were eating there was a guy you told me to check out ( I think he had been influenced by Karl Barth or something like that) for good theology reading. Do you remember who it was that we talked about?


  2. nathan says:


    Thanks for the warm welcome! I am looking forward to many interesting discussions here!

    I am afraid that I do not recall the specific topic that you mention from our conversation–perhaps you could help me remember the flow of conversation that led to the recommendation?

    Thanks again!


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