New Christian Worldview Magazine Hits Shelves

I subscribe to a lot of Christian periodicals. Faith and Philosophy, JETS, Chronos, First Things, Books and Culture, Areopagus Journal, Philosophia Christi—the list goes on. As far as I’m concerned, these (give or take a title) represent the cream of the periodical crop.

Now, given the sort of work I do, I’m kind of privy to new publications. Some are good; most, well, not so good (just being honest!). One of the good ones really good ones has just come across my desk: Salvo . Boasting an editorial staff that reads like a Who’s Who among Christian scholars (including Francis Beckwith, J. Budziszewski, Paul Copan, William Dembski, Norm Geisler, Gary Habermas, James Hitchcock, Phillip Johnson, Stephen Meyer, J. P. Moreland and about ten others) — not exclusively evangelical, not even exclusively Protestant — Salvo is poised to make a real worldview impact.

Its style is tough to describe. Cool. Witty. Christian. Academic. Popular. There’s everything from sarcastic “advertisements” (e.g., the inside cover has an “ad” for abortion pills. It reads “R U SURE? Effective. Easy. Lethal…. Making sure your conception is dead on arrival”; others include “MERCYME euthanasia services” and “PeTi: People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects”), announcements of new book releases, to precise treatments of sober, pressing issues (such as “Breed between the Lines” by Les Sillars, or “Seven things you can’t do as a moral relativist” by Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason ministries). It’s tough to say precisely what audience Salvo is intended to target; there’s something for everyone, at least there was in this premier issue.

According the inside cover, Salvo is a publication of The Crux Project . It will be published once quarterly (that’s four times a year for our slower readers). To subscribe you may either call 1-773-481-1090, or contact Salvo Subscription Services, PO Box 410788, Chicago, IL, 60641. The cost (in the U.S.) is $25.99 for one year; $45.99 for two years. There is also a super generous hook-up for students and people on reduced incomes: $15.99 for one year. Bulk rates are available (this should get you teachers, pastors, youth leaders, etc. thinking!).


One Response to New Christian Worldview Magazine Hits Shelves

  1. Dollar says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing a copy.

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