Playing the Links

    Eberle, Collins, & Cowan: the moral argument:

At his blog,

Steve Cowan has discussed Robert Eberle’s (a skeptic) review of Francis Collins’s book The Language of God, highlighting the former’s critique of the moral argument. It’s worth a read.

    Dawkins and Freedom

At his blog, Bill Dembski has a snippet of Richard Dawkins’s treatment of human freedom; there is some discussion, as well. See here.

    Van Inwagen & Free-Will

Peter van Inwagen is obviously a premier metaphysician; when he speaks on the problem of free-will, people listen. If you’re one of those who listens, you may enjoy this post.


One Response to Playing the Links

  1. Ollie says:

    I am English living in what used to be England and have never been to America. However, as always when you right in this style about America, you make me deeply nostalgic!You are such a gifted writer, Daniel. I have never come across anyone that writes like you. Whilst your subject matter is always sobering and even depressing and your call to ri-nigthtnkihg and right action is so clear and challenging, you do it with such skill and beauty that it is an absolute joy to read!Baruch HaShem for your valuable gift!

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