A Blog of Dialogue?

OK, I just found this blog, which may have some real potential. It appears to be run by two guys: one atheist and one theist. If you’re interested in observing how and what an atheist thinks of theism, check it out. BUT PLEASE (!!!!!), I BEG OF YOU (!!!!!): IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT,or IF YOUR INTEREST IS MERELY TO ARROGANTLY SPOUT OFF YOUR BELIEF WITH NO ARGUMENT, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE ATHEISTS! You will do more harm than good. Gosh, I know that sounds bad, but I could not be more sincere. I’ve seen it on too many blogs: Christians (even some who mean well) show up and “engage” the atheist. But it doesn’t take long to see that the Christian is way out of his/her league in such debates as the existence of God. If you think there’s even a chance that you aren’t very familiar with the arguments being discussed (e.g., ontological, teleological, moral, etc), please content yourself to read and learn, for now (which is how we all start).

At any rate, the blog appears to worth a visit. Enjoy!


4 Responses to A Blog of Dialogue?

  1. Thanks Keith for the blog link. I will be sure to check it out. I also wanted to encourage you to read my reply to your recent comment; i hope it clears a fe things up for you.

  2. Hi Keith,

    Actually, I’m not John at all! My name is Tennessee, although someone called Josh has co-contributed on occasion if perhaps that is who you are thinking of? But thanks for stopping by, and leaving some nice comments all the same.


    • Doc says:

      I just found your blog thanks to Jentine at My Edit and I knew I had to check it out because I made the very same retoousiln this year! Good luck!

  3. Keith says:


    Greetings! What a relief this is for me to hear. I can only assume, then, that it is in fact John who I have in mind. John has stopped here on two occasions, made some opposing comment on a post, put 3 or 4 links to articles he thinks we should read, and then never shown up again for dialogue! (you can see this for yourself if you see the comments he left behind).

    I genuinely appreciate you clearing this up, because we value your comments!

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