Greg Boyd interview w/ Charlie Rose…

October 13, 2006

Controversial evangelical paster, Greg Boyd, has written a book entitled “Myth of a Christian Nation.”  This book has caused some controversy, even within his own church where he lost 1,000 members as a result.   The New York Times published a front-page article about Greg’s recent book Myth of a Christian Nation, the sermon series “The Cross and the Sword” and Woodland Hills Church. This story was syndicated around the country to newspapers and web sites, including AOL.  As a result, his book sales have increased significantly.  A subsequent interview details much of his views on the kingdom of God in relation to politics, abortion (and particulary, how to go about engaging the problem from a kingdom pariticipant point of view), civic engagement, etc..  Check out this interview.  It is definitely very thought-provoking.  What do you think of his conclusions?  I really want to get some good feedback on this from some of you out there.  I am trying to solidify some of these issues myself.  Your thoughts would be very helpful!

(Charlie Rose interviews Rick Warren during the first half of the interview…if you want to watch it, good.  Otherwise, fastforward the interview to about half way through to see Boyd.)