Do we communicate effectively?

May 31, 2006

(This post is for those of you that watched the video from the previous post.)

In his book, Escape from Reason, Francis Schaeffer elucidates a critical problem with the methodology of our communication. He states:
“Every generation of Christians has this problem of learning how to speak meaningfully to its own age. It cannot be solved without an understanding of the changing existential situation which it faces. If we are to communicate the Christian faith effectively, therefore, we must know and understand the thought-forms of our own generation.”

Initially, his phrase “thought-forms” was an alien term to myself, being removed a few generations from Schaeffer himself. However, upon reading the book and considering his assertion, his idea that the need for effective communication is as relevant today as it was in times past.

Philosophers are especially notorious for using their own special lingo. While being careful to not submit the idea that we dumb down our terminology, we must seek to effectively engage and meet people where they are at…terminologically speaking. It is one thing to know something, but it is quite another thing to be able to effectively communicate it cross-culturally and cross-generationally.

May we as the bearers of the Truth seek to be effective in our communication efforts!


Real Christians of Genius…

May 31, 2006

For those of you who are humored by the Budweiser “Real Men of Genius” commercials, you must check this out. It is pretty funny. Go here to see this delightful video!

Oh, and feel free to share your thoughts about this video.

Simplicity and God’s Abstract Names

May 16, 2006

One of the striking implications of divine simplicity is that we can refer to God with abstract “names”. That is, when we predicate something of God, that predication can be made absolutely if it pertains to any of God’s essential attribures. Anselm, for example, is not afraid to identify God with the abstract notion of justice itself. So he says in Monologion 16: Read the rest of this entry »

Darrell Bock Da Vinci Debate Tonight

May 15, 2006

For those of you interested, Darrell Bock, research professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Seminary will be having a debate on the Da Vinci code tonight that will be broadcast live via the web at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Simply click here.

Kings and Simpletons

May 10, 2006

“As the kings of the earth and the mighty of the earth are born in exactly the same way, physically, as the simplest man, so the most intellectual person must become a Christian in exactly the same way as the simplest person. This is true for all men everywhere, through all space and time. There are no exceptions. Jesus said a totally exclusive word: ‘No man cometh unto the Father, but by me'” (John 14:6).

-Francis Schaeffer, True Spirituality

What are your thoughts about this statement?

Truth & Truth-Makers

May 6, 2006

Bill Vallicella has a short but thought provoking post up entitled Veritas Sequitur Esse and the Truthmaker Principle. You should check it out.

Philosophy Action Figures…

May 5, 2006

All right all of you philosophers out there. Now there exists philosophy dolls, I am sorry, philosophy action figures that you can give to your children for hours of fun. Or you can play with them yourself. Really, what sounds better than a Bashin Bishop Berkeley or Plunderous Plato. Of course there is my personal favorite…Angry Anselm-made for play than which none greater can be conceived. His motto: “Faith seeking to beat understanding into its enemies!” Seriously check out this website. It is so divine in its beauty that I am beginning to wonder if it is the result of a miraculous intervention on God’s behalf!

See here!