I Sometimes Wonder…

…Are the three major branches of Christianity–Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant–meant to tell us anything about the three divine Persons: the Father, the Son and the Spirit?


6 Responses to I Sometimes Wonder…

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Xavier says:

    No, hilariously.

  3. Jason Dollar says:

    The question is better phrased “Do they tell us something.” I honestly and hilariously doubt that they were “meant” to tell us something. Then again…

  4. Karen says:

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  5. Xavier says:

    Yes, Dollar, you have better phrased the question. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that if they do tell us something, then God must have intended that they did. For if they did teach us something about the divine Persons, it couldn’t have been by accident. I keep feeling that there is an allegory to discover there somewhere, and that if Origen were around today, he might have been able to tell us what it is. But then, I’ve probably read too many of his homilies on Luke. Well, I was just wondering…

  6. Jason Dollar says:

    Xav, keep going and you could come up with a theory that would be perfect to dress up in a suspense novel! Think of it. You could sell millions of copies worldwide!

    Okay, I’m yankin’ yer chain. I actually agree with you insofar as believing that God is communicating truth of all kinds, perhaps even teaching about Himself or His attributes, through natural and/or historical events. Of course, where the Bible is silent on these issues, we are left to speculated as to the precise meaning.

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