Ongoing at Culture Watch

There is a terrific exchange taking place at Doug Groothuis’s blog, Culture Watch, in the comments of “Reporting on an Evening with Atheists.” Up to 72 comments already, it is a lengthy but worthwhile read– especially if you’re interested in apologetics/phil of religion. Enjoy!

UPDATE– The discussion continues, though it is (as one may expect) fizzling out. It seems as though Luke (atheist) is running out of back-peddling room; Tim has quite capably defended his position. Still worth a read, the thread is far more interesting (in my opinion) early on.


2 Responses to Ongoing at Culture Watch

  1. Tim says:

    Glad you’re enjoying it. We’re just about now coming to the point where Matt (or was that Luke?) might see why his initial argument won’t fly. Perhaps he’ll retrench and we can begin to grapple with the real issues. He (they?) might even read a book on the subject written by a professional philosopher.

    Or maybe not.

    Oh well!

  2. Keith says:

    You know, I’ve been following that discussion closely, and am frankly surprised that Luke (or whoever) insists on defending the logical problem of evil. I am just about convinced he doesn’t realize the difference. He seems like a smart enough guy to be able to understand it, so I’m a bit confused! An any rate, I am pleased and proud of the apologetic work being done there, and am eager to see how it ends. If I may offer a word of advice: continue to debate with an attitude pleasing to the Lord- you’ve done great with that so far. Thanks

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