Leftow On Divine Ideas

Brian Leftow recently assumed Swinburne’s chair as the the Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion at Oxford University–which is no small feat! I have been trying to find information on his Divine Ideas for a while now. As far as I can determine, this book has been dubbed”Forthcoming” for the past 10 years. Where is it? I keep finding references to it everywhere. Plantinga actually cites it in Christian Philosophy At the End of the 20th Century (1995) as already published by Ithaca: Cornell Press 1994, but the book is nowhere to be found.
Any Leftow readers out there with information?

UPDATE (2/14/06): I emailed Leftow and he sent me a pretty prompt response. He’s been working on a manuscript of Divine Ideas for a long time now but he keeps changing some of his ideas and views. He’s basically done with the thing now and the book should be out in print early next year.


2 Responses to Leftow On Divine Ideas

  1. Off Topic: I thought you guys might be interested in the discussion over at the Moor on Evaluating Molinism.–>

  2. I still can’t seem to locate Leftow’s book. Any updates on the book’s status in the past two years?

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