Human Nature and the Incarnation

Speaking of the incarnation, Freddoso got me thinking again.

It is generally acknowledged by Christians that the Son freely assumed a human nature–a nature hypostatically united to Himself. So it must be that case that He is contingently human. But what of this: Is it likewise true that Christ’s human nature is contingently united to the divine person? Or put differently, is the following proposition true,

(P) There a possible world W and a time t such that (i) Christ’s human nature, N, exists at t in W and (ii) N is not united to a divine person.

I think the question is deceptively complex.


2 Responses to Human Nature and the Incarnation

  1. The question is deceptively complex and I am hopelessly ignorant!

    Hey guys, I like the new look of the blog.

  2. attilla says:

    cld be missing your point here, but i dont think it is true based on the fact such a world is not actually possible.

    some things HAVE to happen in ALL worlds. one of them being the fall. another being redemption. ie. through incarnation of Christ, death, burial and ressurection etc.

    the number of possible worlds is NOT infinite. its finite. so i dont have to agree to this proposition.

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